Believe it or not, we all have doubts... and it's ok.

When thoughtful people come to the claims of Christianity, they are going to ask questions like...

“Why is there evil and suffering?”
“What about all the contradictions in the Bible?”
“How can Jesus be the only way to God?”
“Isn't Christianity just a psychological crutch?”


Others express their doubts in more staggering statements like…

“You believe in Jesus Christ because your parents did. Your faith is not authentic; it’s inherited.”

We would certainly concede this point. Not every one who claims the name of Christ is a genuine follower of Him.  


Many academics express their concerns with Christianity as well:

  • Feminist theologian Delores Williams said, “There is nothing divine in the blood of the cross.”
  • Episcopal Bishop John Spong rejects propitiation when he said, “Neither do I want a God who would kill his son.”
  • Steve Chalke compared the cross to divine child abuse. He said, “A vengeful father, punishing his son for an offence he has not even committed… [is] a twisted version of events morally dubious and a huge barrier to faith.”

It’s needful for believers to wrestle with the questions that skeptics ask. This church is a safe place. Not only do we welcome you who have questions about Christianity, but we expect you to be here!


We’re willing to enter your worldview and share with you our Biblical worldview. Christianity stands or falls on the person and work of Jesus Christ. The options as to who Jesus is and what Jesus did can basically be reduced to four.

  • Liar– someone who simply was not who he claimed to be and knew it.
  • Lunatic–someone who thought he was somebody, but in fact he was not.
  • Legend–someone who was not who others later imagined him to be.
  • Lord–He is who He said He was. Everything He said is true.


It does little good for Christians only to talk about their beliefs with other Christians or for skeptics to only talk about their beliefs with other skeptics. Let’s begin a conversation together. We look forward to meeting you and forming a friendship.