You are not stationed at Ft. Campbell by accident – God is arranging your moves.

At Faith Family,  we understand the challenges of military members and families. Being separated from relatives and friends, coupled with the demands of military duty, can take its toll. We respect your struggles and want to go through life with you.

Have you ever had any well-intentioned friends ask you…“When…?,” “How long…?” or “What next…?,” and all you can honestly say is, “I don’t know for sure”?

Military wives have a unique calling with unique challenges, as do their children. Some avoid long-term plans because they can’t tell how long they’ll live in one place or where they’ll be stationed next. Any plans they do make, though, come with an unspoken understanding: “military-willing.” Faith Family would like to add to that “God-willing.”

One military wife said,  

"As a Navy brat, I lived in 11 houses by the time I was 11. As an Army wife, I watched my husband bounce around among five duty stations during his first five years in the service. I’ve had to give up control, sometimes reluctantly, and sometimes joyfully, knowing that God sees over our path."

Dear friend, you are not stationed at Ft. Campbell by accident. An all-knowing, all-wise God has been directing your life. Join us and begin to discover more about God's divine stationings in your life.