Small Groups



Small Groups


Loneliness is the devil’s playground. God created us for community.
— Burk Parsons

Living in community is the biblical model we see throughout Scripture, first in the Trinity and then in the New Testament Church. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have existed eternally in a state of community. As we see throughout Acts, especially in Acts 2:42–48 and 5:42, it is the New Testament model for believers to meet in large and small gatherings.


Like these early believers, we must be committed to living out the “one another” verses we find throughout the New Testament. We are invited to participate in unity (John 17:21) that displays the glory of God to the world. Living in community for the glory of God is one of our best arguments for Jesus among our unbelieving friends and family.

Small Group Schedule


+ What are Growth Groups?

After the weekend gatherings, engaging in a growth group is the most important next step for every member and guest.

Growth groups help you to intentionally develop gospel-centered relationships and hold one another accountable to Christ and his Word.

+ When do Growth Groups Meet?

We strive for small groups to gather weekly in a variety of areas from Hopkinsville, Oak Grove, Clarksville, to Ft. Campbell. We meet in homes, at coffee shops, and in our building for prayer, friendship, and ministry.


  • Adults & Children 6:45 pm @Ft. Campbell – Shepherd Leader: Dan & Kelsey Hurd (Seasonal)


  • Ladies 9:00 am @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Marci Hunt
  • Ladies 6:30 pm @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Dee Anna McGhee


  • Seniors 3:00 pm @Hopkinsville – Shepherd Leader: Dee Anna McGhee
  • Adults 6:30 pm @Hopkinsville – Shepherd Leader: Wes & Lori Porter
  • Ladies 6:30 pm @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Machaela Sweeney
  • Mens 6:30 pm @Clarksville – Shepherd Leader: Bart Dixon


  • Ladies 9:30 am @Clarksville – Shepherd Leader: Diana Brees


  • Families 6:30 pm @Cerulean – Shepherd Leader: Casey & Suzanne Luttrull

Sunday 9:00am

  • Adult Prayer Group 9:00 am @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Dee Anna McGhee
  • Adults (Christianity Explained) 9:00 am @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Daniel Herbster
  • Children (3-6) 9:00 am @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Matthew & Jessica Roles, and Marci Hunt
  • Nursery 9:00 am @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Dee Larry

Sunday 10:45am

  • Teens 10:45 am @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Daniel & Kelsey Hurd, Rachel & Taylor Carmichael
  • Pre-Teen (7–12) 10:45 am @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Jack & Tiffany Lake Shepherd Assistants: Jeff & Ricki Miller
  • Children (3-6) 10:45 am @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Nickie Towery & Marvin & Lyndsay Gonzalez
  • Nursery 10:45 am @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Dee Larry

Sunday Afternoon 4:00pm

  • Couples 4:00 pm @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Pat & Nickie Towery
  • Adults 4:00 pm @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Kyle & Sarah Shearin
  • Adults 4:00 pm @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Sam & Sarah Kolkow
  • Children 4:00 pm @FFC – Shepherd Leader: Daniel Herbster

+ Is Childcare Provided for Growth Groups?

Childcare is provided for Sunday afternoon groups at FFC. You can check out the schedule on the Events Page. The other groups determine how they accommodate children.

+ How do I Join a Growth Group?

Email if you're interested in visiting a group. We will introduce you to the Growth Group Leader.

+ I'm Interested in Leading a Growth Group! Now What?

Email the elders at, to talk through growth group expectations.

+ Do you have any one-on-one or couple-with-couple discipleship options as well?

Yes. If you're interested email