12 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor


1.    Pray they will revel in the Gospel. 

It’s easy for pastors to merely preach the Gospel and not experience it daily. Your pastor is desperately in need of the Gospel. The Gospel isn’t a door you once walked through, but a room you now live in. We never outgrow the Gospel. It’s not the ABCs – it’s the A to Z. 



2.    Pray they will have a shepherd’s heart. 

God calls us sheep. Pastors are to lead like shepherds. Cattle are driven. Sheep are led. Pray your pastor will be a shepherd, not a cowboy (Jeremiah 3:15, John 21:17).


3.    Pray they will be encouraged and filled with hope. 

Pray for emotional strength for your pastor—that he would be able to bear the burdens of his congregation in a way that is healthy and reflective of the love of Jesus (Romans 1:12, 2 Corinthians 1:14).


4.    Pray they will be rested and healthy. 

Pray for pastors to be able to shut off the ministry engine at night and sleep. Pray for rest.


5.    Pray they will go after deep purity and holiness. 

Pray that they will experience a deep, honest cleansing before the Lord—that the Lord would not allow them to go long between repentances and that they would be ruthless with their sin.


6.    Pray the enemy will not win in their lives today. 

The devil will do all he can to destroy pastors. Ask God to guard them against Satan’s attacks.  

Pray for your pastor like he may be devoured by Satan at any moment.


7.    Pray they will not be distracted in their task. 

There are so many ways a pastor can get distracted – a critic, a messed up audio system, a low attendance . . . . ask God to give him an unflinching focus.


8.    Pray for their family. 

Pray that God would protect his family from the snares of the enemy and would comfort them as they do ministry alongside your pastor.

  • Pray for a healthy, joyful, Christ-exalting marriage. 
  • Pray for your pastor’s wife, that God would infuse her with strength (Philippians 4:13).
  • Pray for your pastor’s children, that God would save them at a young age and that they would find our Christ irresistible. 


9.    Pray they will have Christ-Centered friendships.

Pastoral ministry can be surprisingly lonely. Pastors need close friends who will encourage them, hold them accountable, and push them toward Christ.


10.  Pray they will have wisdom. 

Pray they will only go after projects that God has laid out before them. Pray for visionary, creative energy. Pray they will reject worldly ambition and go hard after Holy Ambitions. 


Pastors want the church to grow, to reach the lost, to increase the finances, but without manipulation, compromise, or pragmatism. Pray for Biblical, doctrinal, and theological faithfulness (Titus 1:9; 1 Timothy 4:16). 


11.  Pray they will be Spirit–Empowered. 

Do you want to be impacted by the sermon? Do you desire for God to invade the preaching event? Then pray desperately for your pastor. Pray that the Spirit would take his weak, feeble words, and transform them into a fiery spiritual weapon. 

No human eloquence or rhetoric can convince men dead in sin of the truth of God. The unquickened heart is impenetrable. Pray for the Breath of God. 


12.  Pray they will see Jesus as supremely valuable and their greatest treasure.

Preachers often struggle with feelings of failure after they step away from the pulpit. Mondays can be times of doubt and frustration for many ministers. Pray your pastor will go hard after Christ in these moments. Pray his affections will be captured by our Christ.