1. Tell us about yourself. 

My name is Taylor Carmichael. I was raised in Illinois where I went to college and graduated from Army Reserve Officer Training Program. Now, I am an Army cavalry officer here at Fort Campbell. This last January I married my life love, Rachel, and we continue to establish ourselves here as a new couple. Fun times!


2. How did you come to Faith Family Church? 

Rachel and I both believe God has provided us with Faith Family Church and the relationships we’ve had here. Our initial church search was frustrating because we couldn’t find one that met our priorities. It’s sad to know there are churches out there that don’t really pursue the heart of God or try to apply His will in life.


3. How has the Christ-centered, expositional teaching helped you to grow?

This kind of teaching is CRUCIAL because we have to separate the true God of the Bible from the god of our hearts. The reality of the Gospel is real and the reality of God is real. We have to be true and honest to the text in its proper context to uphold that.


4. What have you been reading recently?

  • Platoon Leader (James R. McDonough)
  • Naked Economics (Charles Wheelan)
  • Global Missions Handbook: A Guide for Crosscultural Service (Steve Hoke, Bill Taylor)
  • Team of Rivals (Doris Goodwin)
  • Seven Arrows (Matt Rogers, Donny Mathis)


5. When you get home from work, what do you look forward to doing? (What are your other passions?)

I love being adventurous, traveling, and having fun with Rachel.  I enjoy reading when I have the brain power for it; video games are a nice break as well. The Army side of me likes shooting at the range, exercising, and hiking.


6. What has God been teaching you lately?

God has been teaching me that as Christians, he has a very high expectation of us, as his chosen children. We are holy and precious in his sight, not by our acts, but by the acts of Jesus and what he did to reestablish our broken relationships with God. I’ve been learning that the Holy Spirit leads us and directs us, but the forces from below are also trying to trick us and misguide us. I’ve been learning how to distinguish between the voices of each of them, which enables me to have clarity in seeking the real will of God.


7. You put that you are going to "Make Jesus Famous." Tell us what that looks for you.

I have a passion for impacting dark places, because Jesus has impacted me in a dark place. So making Jesus famous means putting myself on the line for others as Jesus did for me, all to God’s credit and fame. What does this look like practically? Well joining the Army has become a part of this mentality and goal—serving others in a dark place. Additionally, Rachel and I are looking at doing international humanitarian missions abroad in broken places after my time in the Army with these goals in mind.