1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Dee Anna McGhee.  I grew up on a farm in Hopkinsville, enjoying farm life with my 3 brothers and sister.  When I graduated from Hopkinsville High I left for 42 years, never dreaming I would ever come back.  The Lord brought me back 17years ago, in answer to prayer.  My life has really been full of God’s faithfulness and direction.  I was one of those who when I gave my life to Christ about the fifth grade, I did it wholeheartedly, and He has directed my life and grown me in miraculous ways all along the way. 



I have raised 3 precious sons, retired from teaching school in Metro Nashville for 20+ years, raised emus, owned a gift shop with my sister, done some writing, and with my brothers and sister ran the family farm.  I now live in the Village at Christian Care Communities, a retirement community, which also was a God directed move.  


Soon after moving back to Hopkinsville, God gave me the command to “Equip the Saints”.   I did not fully understand until shortly after, in God’s timing, opportunities opened up for me to do more extensive teaching of the Bible.  I became much more conscious of opportunities to help others walk with the Lord, and He enabled me, as He promises when He calls us.  I love watching others grow and am beginning to see some of them become faithful Christian leaders.   Of course, any teacher learns much more than his/her students and I have come to love studying the Word and deepening my understanding of God’s great love. 


God has enabled me and prepared me to carry out His command in many ways.   


Today, I am helping with ladies study groups at FFC. I teach a group of elderly ladies at Friendship House here at Christian Care. I try to make books available through the library that will help in Christian growth.  I am beginning to see more and more opportunities to witness here on this campus.  Even as I am writing this, a neighbor came by anxious about a questionable mammogram.  I was able to encourage and pray with her.  Oh, I also work with the finances of FFC as treasurer.


2. How did you come to FFC?

I am one of the original 12 who felt the Lord calling us to plant a church in Oak Grove, specifically aimed at spreading the Word to the military and equipping them to be witnesses for the Lord as they move away from Fort Campbell and spread out over the world!  We have sought the Lord’s will every step of the way, and His blessings have been amazing.


3. How has Christ-centered, expositional teaching helped you grow?


I have grown in understanding the importance of the context as it fits into the setting and relationship of the verses before and after a particular passage.  I am constantly delighted how Brother Kyle adds so much insight and cultural understanding to a passage and fits it all together.  As I have broadened my own study and preparation for teaching, with this awareness, I have gained an even greater hunger for God’s Word.


4. What have you been reading lately? 


Most of my reading lately has been surveying possible new books of study for the library.   Right now, I am in the middle of “Seven Arrows” by Rogers and Mathis.


5. What are my passions or “free time” activities?


I read Christian fiction while I am bicycling and if I just need to “cool it.”  I play pony canasta with a group of ladies here in the Village one afternoon a week, which I thoroughly enjoy, but also consider it a ministry.    

My family is definitely changing in that my brothers are having serious health problems and my grandkids are getting out of college, becoming engaged, etc. so I am trying to spend much more time with them and looking for spiritual growth and witnessing opportunities.


A passion?  I really look forward to and try to guard an extended time of prayer one morning and early afternoon a week.  I love that time with the Lord.  This is a priority for me. 

A group of us studying “Masterlife” found out what a blessing this was as we set aside 4 hours of personal prayer.  It truly makes a difference!