1. Tell us about yourself.

Hello everyone, I am De’Shaundra Larry; most people call me Dee. Matter of fact, if you call me De’Shaundra…I probably won’t respond because it’s been years since I have heard it. I am a proud wife to Chad, and mother of three little handfuls Amari (10), Chadrick (9), and Denver (7). Just kidding, they are a wonderful little bunch. I enjoy snacking; I am currently eating as I type. Did I mention that I am quite the multitasker? My husband and I are from a small town in Texas. Yes, being from Texas makes me extra special. I came to Christ when He revealed to me that He is the best thing I never knew I needed.



2. How did you come to Faith Family Church?

God led us to Faith Family Church (FFC); funny enough, the same Sunday we decided to attend FFC we got invited to worship with another local church. We knew in our hearts, though, that God had already chosen our church home. I’m so glad we followed God’s direction.


3. What have you been reading recently?

Seamless by Angie Smith


4. When you get home from work, what do you look forward to doing? (What are your other passions?)

The best part of my job is its location, my home. I am the vice-president of operations at Larry Inc. I have a bachelor’s in domestic engineering with a minor in household management. I currently oversee three departments, cooking, cleaning, and education. My job allows me to do some of my favorite things like napping on the job, Netflix binging, and finding the last pack of gushers before my kids return from school.


5. What has God been teaching you lately?

A few weeks ago our teaching pastor (Vance) spoke a powerful message about turning blessings into burdens. God used that sermon to highlight the blessings in my life that I had sadly turned into burdens. I still struggle with this, and find it hard sometimes to look at aspects of my life as blessings. But, where God starts a work He finishes a work, and on the days I slip He reminds me of all my blessings.

Where God starts a work–He finishes it.

6. You put that you are going to Share The Gospel. Tell us what that looks for you.

To me it looks like a God-led woman, doing His work, and trusting in Him to give her all the courage, boldness, and wisdom to share HIS Word.