1) Tell us about yourself.

I’m Chadrick Larry Sr. My wife De'Shaundra and I are retired military. Both of us were born and raised in Texas. We have 3 beautiful children. Each day, I enjoy experiencing their individual uniqueness. My hobbies are wide spread, but no water sports. ;)



2) What have you been reading recently?

  • Experiencing God by Henry T. Blackaby
  • Five Points: Towards A Deeper Experience of God’s Grace by John Piper


3) When you get home from work, what do you look forward to doing? (What are your other passions?)

I am currently battling cancer. I receive an experimental treatment two times a week. So being strong spiritually, mentally, physically is very important to me. My wife is my best friend and we enjoy every moment with each other.

My hobbies are widespread…being a foodie is one. We love trying new foods. We are always dipping and dabbing into new digs around and out of town.

Reserving my energy for my children is a priority. I love to play with them. Friday through Sundays, I enjoy watching movies with them. We have a small place, but I have attempted to place the Regal Cinema in our living room! :) 

4) You are GOING to "Share Your Testimony"! Tell us what that looks for you.

I use MY CANCER to share MY CHRIST! 

Even when the doctors tell me, “This is impossible. I’m sorry it’s out of our hands.” I know it’s in God’s hand. God is faithful.