1. Tell us about yourself.

I'm Jalen Cruz. I have a loving and beautiful wife named Samantha. We have a daughter named Nailah and a pit bull named Sasha. I am 22 years old and currently a soldier in the United States Army. I was born and raised in New York along with my wife. I enjoy spending quality family time to include walks, running, sports and taking our daughter to the park. We came to Christ for our daughter.


2. How did you hear about Faith Family Church?

I came to Faith Family through a really good friend of mine at work. His name is Gavin O'berry. His wife Briana had told my wife about this church in Oak Grove and invited us. When we arrived we were so welcomed. The feeling was like no other. Coming from a military background and being away from home, it felt like home.


3. How has the Christ-centered, expositional teaching helped you to grow?

Before attending Faith Family, I attended a Catholic Church. I knew I believed in God, but never really understood church or the Gospel. I always thought that by following the ten commandments and going to church every Sunday that I was going to heaven. Clearly, I was a so called "rookie."

Once I attended Faith Family, my knowledge has grown about God and who He really is. I came to Christ while attending Faith Family. From that moment on my life changed. I knew I had to be the head of the household and love my wife as God loved the church. God has done a "good number" on my heart.


4. What books have you been reading lately? 

The Song of Solomon
The book of Romans
Rediscovering Jesus by Matthew Kelly
Awaken Love by Kyle and Desirae Idleman


5. When you get home from work, what do you look forward to doing? (What are your other passions?) 

I look forward to spending time with my family. The army causes me to be away from them for long periods of time, so I like to enjoy as much time as possible with them.



6.You put that you are going to "Serve My Country." Tell us what that looks for you.

Because He came to me, I am going to serve my country. That means that I will sacrifice my own well being for the benefit of my country. While doing that, I will spread the Gospel to those who desperately need Him, I will teach it to my fellow battle buddies, and express to them that God cares and loves them.